A Bit About Me

I'm a Somatic Coach who guides people to intuitively heal themselves through working with me.

I have studied several things in the course of my life, including osteopathy, personal training, nutrition, movement, Root Cause Therapy and Embodied Processing (full list below under education). I’ve brought it all together and now offer somatic coaching, which means that I use body based practices to help you to you tune into your body and your intuition and gut feeling. To find your authentic self, your truth and your healer within.

I work online and face to face.

My goal is to have people so well regulated, so in tune with themselves that they can be who they are authentically that they don’t need to judge others. I would love to see the world built on compassion, kindness, encouragement and cooperation.

I activate the healing in you, I help you find your wisdom, through unconditional love and acceptance, compassion and connection.